Who am I

A tail end of the sixties child though, born in Germany,  still rooted in seventies London, in particular the squatting movement.

I moved to Brighton mainly because of the vibe, The Downs, the sea and easy access to escape points like Gatwick and Newhaven, and have lived in the same garden flat in Kemptown that I bought in 1982.

I spend considerable time travelling, mainly in Europe,  I have a base, ‘my bunker’, in Berlin (like Brighton but bigger and better, and even cooler).


Career: Odd jobs (whilst squatting), 20 years as a management accountant (honest), last 14 years as a freelance SQL developer with some C# sharp thrown in for good measure.

Politics: Labour except 2005 (those  with a grasp of recent Labour Party history should be able to work out why).  My politics are shaped by an intense dislike of inequality, elitism and privilege, but also by a good understanding and appreciation of how markets work. So expect me to argue for a top rate of income tax of no more than 35%, low corporation tax, swingingly high rates of inheritance tax, the abolition of private education, a written constitution (to ring fence hard won equality rights and the NHS just for starters).

Other interests, apart from travel, cover photography and literature.


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