Labour adrift


One interpretation of the Thornberry tweet is that Labour not only have no understanding of voters in general, but more significantly have an existence (and policies that flow from that mind set) rooted in a past long gone.

As an aside, ThornberryGate was dealt with swiftly and decisively by Ed Miliband. Shit happens but how you deal with it is more important.

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The Trouble with Labour

Ed Miliband is not the problem

The events of the past week, the nameless and shameless Labour MPs, and probably some careerist PPCs, seeking to undermine Ed Miliband largely for personal gain, leave a bad taste.

The culprits are probably Blairites with an axe to grind; a reasonable guess.

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The Criminalisation of Squatting


The law making squatting in residential property a criminal offence came into effect on 1st September 2012, resulting from an EDM in March of the same year sponsored by Hove MP Mike Weatherly; it was supported by Grant Shapps, and rather disappointedly, Kenneth Clarke, amongst others.

Extract from comment in the Guardian…

“From Saturday, a massively unjust, unnecessary and unaffordable new law will come into force in England and Wales. In the middle of one of the worst housing crises this country has ever seen, up to 50,000 squatters who are currently squatting in empty properties across the UK face becoming criminals, and this because they are occupying abandoned residential properties to put a roof over their heads.” (Guardian, 31st August 2012)

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