Local politics – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

My long, and meandering road back to Labour, a party I have supported since my teenage years is almost complete, I just need to seal the event with 4 crosses on May 7th next year. Many a slip twixt, etc. but I should get there.

I left Labour as a result of the vote, on 18th March 2003, rubber-stamping Blair’s vanity project, the senseless invasion of ‘Narnia’ (apparently its bad form to mention <*redacted*> , the name of the target country. It marks one out as a closet Green and deeply suspect; so one of my first lessons on the long road back was ‘don’t mention the war’).

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The Labour Party policy ‘teaser’ on the private rental sector


The current Labour Party policy on meeting the challenges and problems presented by the growing private rental market contains an over emphasis on rent caps with little mention of the importance of introducing a tax framework that will incentivise sound management of private rental units. Continue reading

Gaza, accusations of genocide, and fear and loathing in Israel

Recent events

Recent events in Gaza and the largely western media feeding frenzy that accompany it have little connection with reality on the ground but a rather predictable association with what I would call background anti-Semitism that permeates the western liberal establishment much like Continue reading